Monday, December 1, 2008

Tinolang Baboy o Sinigang na Baboy

Since we have a sinigang mix which I bought when I went to Rome, I decided to cook Tinolang Baboy. Well, it's my first time to cook it. And I'm happy because the outcome was good.


3 carrots
3 potatoes
9 leaves of chinese cabbage
Sinigang mix

1. Wash carrots, potatoes, cabbage and meat. Cut them into small pieces also the onions.
2. Put water in the pan together with the meat,onions and garlic. Add a little salt in it.
3. Be sure that the meat is a little cooked and put the carrots,followed by potatoes and cabbage.
( If you want you can add also a knorr cubes to enhance the taste of it.)
4. Then 10 minutes before you will going to turn off the heat, put the sinigang mix.
5. Serve with rice.

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