Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Father In-Law's Situation

My father in-law is a bed ridden for more than one year already. I could say that, his situation is not easy, being in the bed almost everyday. As a matter of fact, last March 2008, our family doctor told to my mother in-law to prepare herself because anytime God will going to get him. But it didn't happened. Maybe, it's not yet his time. Anyway, no one really knows when is the proper time to join our Almighty God.

Since, my father in-law became a bed ridden, he has a lot of tubes connecting to his body. He is eating through tube and he is using a catheter. Every M-W-F, there is a nurse who is visiting my father in-law's health. Twice a month, my father in-law also is having a blood test.

Here in Italy, they are giving a free medical supplies like Catheters and a free medicines. But there are times wherein, the medical supplies are not enough. That's the reason why sometimes, my husband is buying it in the pharmacy.

One time, when I am browsing on the web, I'm lucky to find a very interesting site that provides sterile use catheters, urologic and disposable medical supplies. I'm happy because this site offers a front door delivery which is more convenient for us especially that we are a little bit far from the city. Aside from these, 180 Medical also offers different kinds of medical supplies for all the people who are diagnosed having a chronic disease.

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