Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kugelhopf Bread

My husband loves to prepare and make bread using our home bread maker. In fact, when he arrived from work, he still had a time preparing it. He is making a bread 3 times a week with 2 different kinds. I even told him to teach me how to prepare, so that I will be the one to do it, but until now he is not yet teaching me. Anyway, one of my favorite bread that he did is the Kugelhopf bread.

Here are the ingredients:

120 gr. of milk 530 gr. of white flour
3 eggs 50 gr. of fruit candied (orange or citron)
210 gr. of butter 150 gr. of raisins
1 tsp. of salt brewer's yeast
90 gr. of sugar


Put first the milk, followed by eggs, then butter (in small pieces), salt, sugar, flour and yeast, raisins and fruit candied. Wait for 2:40 hours of rising and 1:10 hours of cooking.

So, it's easy to make bread, right? Especially if you have a home bread maker.


eva said...

that's sweet you have a good husband. =)


Anonymous said...

That's great sis Chelle.. Me, I also like to make my own bread using recipe book here in the house 'coz I can smell the freshness of it. I would like try next time how to make the pandesal and ensaymada.. heheh.. Great entries here Chelle, I will try your hubby's cook next time if I can have the ingredients here. Muahhh!

鐵板豆腐Fay said...